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Hybrid Battery Replacement

Santa Monica Hybrid provides the best hybrid/EV service in Southern California regardless of your manufacturer. We service and repair hybrids made by: Hyundai, Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, Nissan, BMW, VW-Audi, Lexus, Cadillac, Kia, Ford, Porsche, Mercedes, and more. Additionally, we can take care of purely electric vehicles from Smart, Tesla, and other manufacturers.

Our experts are certified in servicing all components of the hybrid or electric system that powers your vehicle. Your hybrid or EV is a valuable investment: make sure that you have the best people taking care of it. We have factory diagnostic equipment on hand to identify all of the problems that a dealer might be able to fix; in addition, our specialized hybrid/EV hardware can find and fix issues that your dealer would most likely miss. You wouldn’t expect Microsoft to provide the best in anti-virus protection; don’t make the same mistake when it comes to your vehicle.

In addition to standard services like tune-ups and tire rotations, we can handle major repairs. We don’t just fix your hybrid/EV components; we’ll also take care of other damage that may occur after a car accident or other collision. Unlike your dealer’s technicians, who have to take care of all kinds of vehicles under a given manufacturer, we can ensure that delicate hybrid/EV components aren’t damaged in the repair process. Where traditional automotive repairmen and engineers may falter, Santa Monica Hybrid excels. We can even handle the complex process of hybrid battery replacement; you won’t have to worry about a thing.

Hybrid battery replacement is one of the most critical issues that can arise with a hybrid vehicle. The components involved are delicate, expensive, and very much unlike the batteries used in traditional cars. Even if you have the expertise to change normal car batteries yourself, you should under no circumstances attempt to change a hybrid battery without specialized training and certification. The extremely high voltages across a hybrid battery make the process incredibly dangerous, both for you and the other components in your car. Leave it to our experts to handle your hybrid battery replacement safely and securely. With the best training and most experience in Southern California, Santa Monica Hybrid has a proven history as the best shop for your vehicle.

I am so impressed with Santa Monica Hybrid! I saved almost two thousand dollars. My Prius had triangle light on and I took it to the dealer. Dealer quoted $3800 for battery replacement. Guys at Santa Monica Hybrid repaired it for me - thing called "Conditioning". Awesome! My Prius drives like new, has "pep" back again and my gas mileage went up to 45MPG! Thanks for saving me!
— Julia Grecko

Our technicians are the best available to handle any problems in hybrid and electric vehicles. All of them have been certified by The Hybrid Shop as well as the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (more colloquially known as ASE). With this level of expertise and experience, we can ensure that your vehicle stays in top condition and continues to get excellent mileage throughout its lifetime. In fact, Santa Monica Hybrid was the first hybrid and EV center in Southern California to be certified by The Hybrid Shop for our quality and expertise in this specialized field.

When you bring your vehicle to Santa Monica Hybrid, you can rest assured that both of you are receiving the best attention and service that California has to offer. Whether you need routine servicing or significant repairs, we provide unquestionable skill, extensive experience, and state-of-the-art technology to address your concerns. We will exceed the care offered by your dealership, regardless of the make and model of your car.